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Garry Doig




Garry graduated with a chiropractic Master’s Degree from the world-renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England. Prior to this, he completed a Diploma in fitness, health and exercise at the City of Glasgow College and worked as a fitness instructor.
He developed a fascination with human biomechanics at an early age and working as a chiropractor has provided him with the perfect platform to further explore this and use his knowledge and skill set to help others optimize their health potential.
Garry previously spent a year working with professional footballers at AFC Bournemouth. He has also worked in busy chiropractic clinics in Essex and most recently Milton Keynes where he has spent the past three years providing care to the community. He has now established the exciting new clinic ‘Thrive Chiropractic in Buckingham’ alongside his wife Stephanie and they look forward to welcoming you.
Garry is a registered chiropractor with the General Chiropractic Council.
I strongly believe that a healthy spine leads to a healthy individual. Chiropractic care helps to improve and maintain your spinal health and keeps you functioning at your best whether it’s sporting performance, your ability to comfortably work and earn a living or playing with your children or grandchildren.
My introduction to chiropractic came when I observed a chiropractor in the city of Glasgow, near where I grew up. Having always been fascinated by human function, I was amazed by the treatment techniques, results it produced and the positive impact it had on people’s lives. I was only meant to be observing for a few weeks but ended up visiting weekly for around 6 months – I couldn’t get enough of it. During this time, I also received treatment regularly and experienced first-hand the feel-good factor and benefits that treatment provides both for pain relief and maintenance of good spinal health. I decided then that chiropractic would be my chosen career.
I am truly privileged to be in the position where I am trusted by patients to help improve their health and well being. It is a huge responsibility for me and one that I do not take lightly. I enjoy treating individuals of all ages and backgrounds and the variations that present to me in day to day clinic.

I get excited about working with every new person that enters our clinic, helping them to achieve their health goals thus improving their quality of life.

The most rewarding aspect by far is when people under my care tell me they are feeling much better and returning to doing the things in life they enjoy. It is humbling when I receive kind words from satisfied patients and when they recommend me to their friends and family members.
Garry is trained in a variety of treatment methods used by chiropractors including chiropractic adjustments, muscle release techniques, pelvic blocks,instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), Kinesio Taping and functional rehabilitation. He has also undergone additional training in Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) and Activator Technique (instrument assisted gentle spinal manipulation). He is always keen to give his patients an active role in their care by giving advice on lifestyle improvements and prescribing home exercises. He firmly believes that this collaborative patient and practitioner approach leads to the best results.

Garry has a special interest in sport and working with athletes of all levels and abilities. His previous background as a health and fitness professional, clinical experience and time spent working with professional footballers at AFC Bournemouth have added depth to his understanding of how the human body functions, why it breaks down, how to restore function and what can be done to help protect it from injury. He has also worked with professional dancers, marathon runners and triathletes, amongst other sporting professionals.

Garry continues his professional development by regularly attending seminars and conferences which equip him with additional techniques and knowledge to help deliver the best possible chiropractic care to his patients.
I’ve been involved in sport from a young age, regularly playing football, badminton and running amongst others. Football has always been closest to my heart and I’ve spent many years playing and eventually coaching.

I always look to prioritize my health and fitness when possible and have previously been known to do crazy things like run marathons and triathlons. Nowadays I maintain my fitness with regular gym visits, going out for a run or cycle and family walks.

I love spending quality time with my wife & daughter and our families. We enjoy long countryside walks with our dog, pub lunches and catching up with friends over some good food. The occasional holiday to recharge the batteries is always enjoyable too.
He has never seen a Harry Potter movie! (Although this is most likely set to change since becoming a father to his beloved daughter in 2018).